Official City of Lineville Website History


The official website of the City of Lineville was created near the end of 2000 to be ready in 2001. Michael D. Smith designed the original layout and was assisted by Donald R. Riley and Todd Roberts of Ashland Computer Systems with the hosting and initial maintenance. This was done primarily as a public service, at no cost to the city for the first nine years, with the idea of the site being an "online brochure" dedicated to presenting the beauty and heritage of the area.

Alas, in order to continue my career path, with a heavy heart I had to leave my hometown once again, moving to Arizona in 2007. As I learned more about website design and hosting, I decided to change direction in 2010, to allow various domain names to be used, to use various tracking methods, and have the flexibility of easily creating customized emails. As time has passed being away from home, this site has evolved into a personal project for my wife and I, and she has been a great help with design decisions given her extensive art background..

There have been thousands of visitors from all over the globe, and the site continues to get substantial traffic. My wife and I truly appreciate those who have supported our efforts over the years.

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